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Greenbrier Wetlands Kerr Environmental Services (KES) is a leading provider of services related to the design, approval and implementation of on-site wetland mitigation and wetland mitigation banks. Services provided include: banking credit demand studies, mitigation site searches, site feasibility studies, soils inventories, development of water budgets, wetland mitigation site design, Interagency Review Team coordination, and development and approval of Wetland Mitigation Banking Instruments. Bob Kerr has designed and implemented five wetland mitigation banks totaling over 300 acres in Virginia, and a sixth in North Carolina that totals 300 acres. Mr. Kerr was responsible for designing and obtaining regulatory approval for the Creeds Wetland Mitigation Bank, which was the first municipally owned wetland mitigation bank on the Eastern Seaboard. Early involvement in the field has allowed three of the banks he has worked on to: meet all success criteria, sell all wetland credits, and be in the regulatory process of “closing-out” the banks. KES has performed environmental services and managed all efforts needed to open two of these banks. KES is currently involved in the monitoring and regulatory coordination on a total of three banks in Virginia, and has completed a feasibility study on a fourth bank. These banks include the following wetland habitat types: forested riverine, forested palustrine, and emergent palustrine wetlands.

Case Studies Click on links below to download and print PDF
Cypress Springs Wetland Mitigation Bank, Charles City County, Virginia
Wetland Hydrology Improvement Project and Related Services, Sea Bay Development et al. Chesapeake, Virginia
Rappahannock Stream & Wetland Mitigation Bank, GeoTenn Partners, LLC, Essex County, Virginia
Multiple Mitigation Banks, James River Wetland Mitigation Technologies, Virginia