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Kerr Environmental Services (KES) conducts all phases of investigations needed to assess and resolve matters of environmental contamination affecting public and private properties and infrastructure projects. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are performed in accordance with ASTM Standard E 1527-05 to ensure All Appropriate Inquiry and identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) relating to the presence or likely presence of hazardous materials or petroleum products that may adversely affect a property. Phase II ESAs are performed in accordance with ASTM E 1903-97 and involve the sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater, the identification of contamination sources, the determination of the extent of contamination, potential impacts Diligence Contaminants upon the site, and need for remediation. Initial Abatement and Site Characterization studies are coordinated with regulatory agencies in accordance with State law to ensure the containment, removal and remediation of on-site contamination. Our investigations include close coordination with regulatory agencies to confirm necessary remediation activities, regulatory end points (project closure) and to maximize opportunities for cost recovery.

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Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Bonney Road and Kentucky Avenue, City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, and Combustible Gas Sampling, Confidential Client, Suffolk, Virginia
Former Mount Rogers Citgo UST Site Assessment and Closure, Boddie Noell, Town of Chilhowie, Smyth County, Virginia
Limited Site Characterization and Remediation Services, Morgan Management, Matthews County, Virginia

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