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About Kerr Environmental Services Corporation

Kerr Environmental Services Corporation, a Certified Small Business, was established in 2002 and located in Virginia Beach provides all services related to natural resource investigations, permitting, mitigation, environmental due diligence, contaminant studies, and stormwater management. Kerr Environmental Services' staff of 10 employees has extensive experience and expertise with pre-acquisition environmental due diligence, routinely providing wetland assessments and delineations, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments; river buffer rules compliance evaluations (e.g. Chesapeake Bay Act), and protected species and historic resources reviews.

Our planning and design services include: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document preparation; watershed inventories; sustainable habitat assessments and design; stormwater management and Low Impact Development design; wetland and stream permitting and mitigation design; remediation investigations; protected species studies; cultural resources management and all necessary coordination with regulatory agency personnel. Construction related services include: wetland permit compliance inspections, mitigation monitoring, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and SWPPP inspections. Operation and maintenance consultation includes habitat assessments and restoration and protection plans, and erosion control and stormwater management plans and certifications for LEED® credits.

Kerr Environmental Services is recognized as a leader in sustainable ecological restoration, an emerging field due to the confluence of regulatory requirements, watershed restoration initiatives, and ecological stewardship. The staff of Kerr Environmental Services has extensive experience with watershed inventories, stormwater sampling and the design, construction oversight and long-term monitoring of a wide variety of restoration projects including: stream restoration and stabilization, tidal wetlands, forested non-tidal wetlands, emergent freshwater wetlands, and multiple benefit stormwater management-wetland mitigation facilities.

Fort Lee NEPA BRAC Training Area 5, Wetland/Waters of the U.S. Permitting, MS4 Permitting, VSMP Compliance, Fort Lee, Virginia
Kerr Environmental Services Corp. is serving as the environmental sub-consultant working with the Project Engineers and Department of Army - Fort Lee environmental staff in conjunction with the development of a Joint Center for Consolidated Transportation Management Training facility located within Fort Lee, Virginia. Development plans called for the design of a multi-use facility containing housing, recreational areas, headquarter, medical facilities, dining facilities, and ancillary support facilities arranged in campus style setting on an approximately 352-acre area designated as Training Area 5. The project was completed to expand Fort Lee's existing facilities and infrastructure suitable to accommodate realignment actions associated with the Defense Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission recommendations.