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Sale of Kerr Environmental Services to Wetland Studies and Solutions

November 26, 2018 - Bob Kerr is pleased to announce the sale of Kerr Environmental Services to Wetland Studies and Solutions (WSSI) a now 185-person employee-owned firm headquartered in Northern Virginia ( This sale provides our clients with a deeper bench and breadth of services and our staff greater opportunity to grow professionally, while staying focused on client service, quality and value. (More information is coming via a formal press release.)

Kerr Environmental Expands Services with Wetland Studies and Solutions [PDF]

Sustainable Ecological Restoration & Environmental Consulting

Kerr Environmental Services Corporation provides all services related to natural resources investigations, permitting, mitigation, environmental due diligence, and water resources engineering. We are recognized as a leader in sustainable ecological restoration, an emerging field due to the confluence of regulatory requirements, watershed restoration initiatives, and ecological stewardship.

Kerr Environmental also offers planning and design services; these services encompass National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document preparation, watershed inventories, sustainable habitat assessments and design, stormwater management and Low Impact Development design, wetland and stream permitting and mitigation design, remediation investigations, protected species studies, cultural resources management, and all necessary coordination with regulatory agency personnel.